Sunday, February 10, 2008

Th Glorifcation of Celebrites

I am a fan of many famous people. I love Miles Davis, Julia Stiles, Matt Damon ( who is way hot in the Bourne movies) Matt Dillion etc.. But I dont understand the need to *stalk* them. Why do we spend hours and hours watching entertainment TV, that is ear marked as Celeb News? Why do we buy the trash rags that hire stalkerazzi, who contribute so much to the angst with these *famous* people? Why? Cause we enjoy watching people decline.. we love to see them rise like a rocket and crash harder then a sumo wrestler. I don't understand it.. then again I do. I often think that the media feeds us BS TV so they can dumb us down.. if you dumb us down then you can control us. And I then think to myself: Sarhari, that line from Tom Sawyer from Rush, suits you. That line being: His mind is not for rent, to any God or government. It sounds very conspiracy theory, but think of it like this...If the TV can control our younger generations then we have a group of people that can be controlled later on. If you ask a average 14 year old who the canidates are and you will more then likely get a blank stare. That stare speaks volumes to our state of the union. I dont hear Mr President talking about that...why is that? If you can make us unable to speak to our current state of affairs world wide and domestically then you have a nation of youth that you can pollute with your brand of propoganda. These youth will grow up, hopefully with more sense, to be our future leaders of America. Wow.. a nation of Paris Hilton Pop Quiz winners to lead the free world.. how fucking scarey is that?!

Now when I was a teenager, in the oh so distant past, I had my fair share of teen crushes on stars.. but I was lucky enough to have parents who really enlightened me to the brighter side of things.. We sat and watched the Iran Contra Scandel on TV, everyday. My mother and father made me watch the debates.. and when I got older said no to cheerleading in the last two years of High School, so I could be in debate club. I orignally wanted to be a child advocate lawyer.. and somewhere that dream turned into a activisim one. I participate in RAINN with there crisis line and find it remarkable when we go and leacture at schools, most children ( girls in particular ) who had no idea what we are..and what we represent. Again, sad.

I could give a damn about whether or not Britney Spears has a nervous breakdown. I dont care that Paris had to go to jail. I dont care whether or not a star OD's or dies of natural causes.. Now dont get me wrong, all of those things are sad to a extent, but do they really contribute to whether or not my world continues? No. What I do care about is how we glorify certain behaviours and watch TV shows that are full of media blitz. You cant find a show on TV today that actually stands for anything. Whatever happened to the days of Leave it To Beaver? Where family values were things to be striving for? Where morality was something that was to be proud of? Now, well.. you have Rock of Love 2, where girls vie for the love and affection of a washed up rock star.. where they subject themselves to the spotlight, if only for a shot at stardom.. and until they are voted off, they are household names. Ask one of those girls about string theory.. maybe some can speak to it.. ask one of them to name all the Presidents, I doubt you will get a acurate answer.. Does this mean I am jealous? Hell no.. I have a man.. a beautiful one.. Who loves the fact that I find late night conversations about the Theory Schroedingers Cat, awe inspiring. The fact that I find Brian Greene authour of: A Elegant Universe , to be beautiful and extremely tantilizing. I find Stephen Hawking to be yummy.. in the intellectual way. Dr Sahi Hawass, is a Egyptologist. He is the head of the Ancient Egyptian archives at Cairo muesum. He is a inspiration to me.. I wanted to be a archeologist because of him. These are people that I find fascinating, not Paris Hilton..does that make me better then some others? No, but it does speak volumes about what I demand to be mentaly stimulated.

In the end, I guess what I am trying to say dear reader is this...where are we heading in this world when we make icons of people who have no real world representation? What can these current celebs offer our youth? And what are we as people saying when we spend countless hours in front a flat screen with nothing coming out of it other then the lastest gossip? When did we stop caring about what went into our brain as well as our bodies? When does starving yourself to fit into that size 2 become more important then being healthy?

When you have young girls who starve themselves so they can look like the next Victoria Secret Model..instead of learning that they are beautiful as they are. Nothing wrong with being skinny as long as its a healthy skinny..ya know? Some of us will never be a size 2 or 6.. some of us are born a size 8 or 12 or even 20. Beauty is never determined by what your face says alone.. if you open your mouth and ugly comes flying out then what does that say about your outer beauty? Not a damned thing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Very Proud!!!

Well today, as some of our Canadian friends know, the Juno's nominess where anounced! ( Come on America!!!!! Get with it!!! )

As a very proud fan of Matthew Good, and with a huge lump in my throat I am proud to say that he has been nominated for a Juno for best Rock Album.

As many of you know, this was a very personal album for him to record, having dealt with a horrid life altering divorce and a mental breakdown/breakthrough he has recorded, what I believe to be, a very introspective that has seen me through some incrediably dark times this last six months.

For whats it worth, and I do not know him personally:
Congratulations, what a awesome recognition to your triumphs this last year and half.. your awesome Matt!!! Your a shining light it what has become a industry plagued with bullshit lyrics and cheap knock off riffs. Your a certain form of perfection that is not perfect at all. And for that your unique, beautiful and welcome in my home anytime!!