Sunday, January 20, 2008

Albert, my *Uncle*, my guardian angel.

Albert was a man who fell on hard times when he came home from Vietnam. His wife had left him for another man, the child that he thought was his wasn't. His country hated him, called him a baby was tough. So like any other person who is depressed, he turned to drugs and drink. Drank himself right into jail and thats where we come in. As part of his probation, he had to go get methadone treatment for his drug habit and attend AA. Well on a friday afternoon in Novemeber of '83 I was walking from a friends house, I was dropping of her school work-she had been sick, I was pulled into a alley way next a half a block from a methadone clinic and was violently raped and stabbed. I was left for dead and would have died if it had not been for Albert. He heard me crying at the opening of this alleyway , saw that I was bleeding and hurt... I dont remember much after he asked me my name, but I do know he left me for a few minutes went back to the clinic and had them call a ambulance. I do remember the visit with the police that followed. In San Francisco when you recieve methadone treatments you have to register with the clinic and have proper ID, that way you dont go to another clinic and get more methadone, it prevents OD's or the ability to take it and sell it on the street. Well Albert stayed with me till the ambulance came and the police showed.. they actually took him in for questioning and tried to get him to confess to my rape and stabbing. Now, as this was going on, I was in ICU and healing from the surgery that took my left ovary out,my rapist stabbed me so deeply that he actually pierced it. He sodomized me so brutally that I had seven stitches in my rectum and orally sodomized me so brutally that I had not been able to really speak, I could write but not speak. He punched me in the face which left the left orbital bone fracutred, which was causing me severe pain in the forehead ( and from time to time, still does) and I recieved a concussion as well from him slamming my head into the dumpster a few times. I dont remember all of that.. I hardly remember much from that day, if it was by devine grace alone, I have no idea, but I dont remember much.

A month after I was let go from the hospital I was asked to go into the station to give my report to the police, which I did. They gave me a few pictures to look through and Alberts was one of them. I remember clearly looking at the Detective and telling him that this was the man THAT saved me, not raped me. He tried his damnedest to get me to say that Albert was the one who did this, easier to blame a homeless man with a addiction then the man who did it, right? Not with me it wasn't. My Momma raised me better then that. Well finally they understood that I wasn't caving on this and decided to look for the man that Albert described as being in the neighborhood that day.. the man was a average look guy, he wore a sweat suit and drove a normal car.. I believe the car was a Dodge Dart..normal. Well they finally after a month or so arrested this man that had been caught masturbating outside this daycare school yard and he fit the description that Albert gave, they called me in again, and I identified the man. He went to trial and was let acquitted for my rape and attempted murder, but was convicted on the lew conduct charges for the daycare. This is something I should be happy about, but as you can guess I wasn't. During this time, it was when my mother and dad were finally able to met with Albert and asked him to move in with them. He became a family memeber and my Gaurdian angel. When I attempted suicide at 14 it was Albert who saved my life again, he had called a ambulance and told them what I did. The rape had left me scarred in ways that to this day, I dont fully understand. But thats another story, my mental demons that is.

So during all this time, he has lived with my Momma and brother, and was by my side when my Mother passed away. He is going to move where ever my brother goes and is a good man. My son's Godfather, my Uncle, my bestfriend and my life saver..

I love you, Albert... your an angel.

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Patricia Singleton said...

Thanks for sharing your story. It touched my heart. God does sometimes send us angels in human form.